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This is how Kaspersky has renamed the attitude of Internet users towards social networks. Become essential during the pandemic, both as news disseminators and as a tool of choice for brand marketing campaigns, which have recorded the most significant increases in profits on online sales, today we are witnessing a much more skeptical attitude on the part of users.
According to Kaspersky’s analysis, there was a real contracture in the average connection time per user (this was the case for 38% of the sample) or in the number of times during the day that their accounts and notifications are checked (26%). More rarely ( in 13% of cases) you have witnessed a deactivation or cancellation of your profiles.

To these “repentants” of social networks because of the alarmism, including media, generated by events such as that of the so-called “Facebook Papers” is added those who have begun to feel distrust towards digital platforms and their managers, especially due to professional or personal damage suffered on the net, it is no coincidence that fraud and computer scams have increased exponentially in the last year.

Today, users expect companies to:

  1. Speed and precision – in responses and service delivery.
  2. Transparency and authenticity – in a time of uncertainty, people are looking for trusted brands they can rely on.
  3. Relationship – interpersonal relationships are essential, even if managed remotely. The “human” approach, oriented towards listening and understanding, must never be lacking; from Community Management to Marketing Automation, it is essential that the final strategy also considers and enhances this aspect.
  4. Security – with protocols that make the UX secure in every step.

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