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Dicembre 2021

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A recent study by iResearch Services shows how emotionality could be the new and most potent B2B marketing tool. Experiential marketing has distant roots: psychologist Daniel Goleman, the father of Emotional Intelligence, clearly explains how 'our brain, when while facing a decision, is designed to evaluate and emotionally weigh each option. No decision in life is independent of emotion unless we are in the field of mathematics, which is a purely theoretical universe.' Never as in this period, it is necessary to...

This is how Kaspersky has renamed the attitude of Internet users towards social networks. Become essential during the pandemic, both as news disseminators and as a tool of choice for brand marketing campaigns, which have recorded the most significant increases in profits on online sales, today we are witnessing a much more skeptical attitude on the part of users. According to Kaspersky's analysis, there was a real contracture in the average connection time per user (this was the case for 38%...